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Full Representation

Full Representation means an attorney will advise and assist you in every aspect of the divorce proceeding.

Limited Representation (“Unbundled Services”)

We offer “unbundled legal services” to clients as authorized under C.R.C.P. Rule 11(b). Under this service model, a client hires the attorney as more of a legal consultant rather than courtroom advocate.  The attorney might review motions, memorandum, or other relevant documents, consult with the client about Colorado domestic relations law, or provide form pleadings to a client.  The attorney would not enter an appearance with the court or negotiate with the opposing attorney or party under this representation model.

This is a very cost effective model, and we generally only require a $500.00 retainer.  This allows clients to keep domestic relations proceedings relatively inexpensive, but also ensures that the client gets legal advice from someone looking out for his or her interests.  The attorney will advise the client regarding his or her case and may draft or assist the client in drafting documents, but the attorney will not enter an appearance with the court or communicate with opposing counsel.  The client will advocate on their own behalf, but will have been provided relevant laws and a well thought-out strategy from the attorney.

When you hire an attorney to provide limited services, you are solely responsible for meeting all court deadlines, for filing the appropriate pleadings, for fully and truthfully meeting discovery requests, for communicating with the court, opposing counsel, or opposing party and for general management of the case.

Modest Means Clients

The Simon Law Group strives to take on as many clients with modest means as possible.  Using mostly a limited representation model, we aim to bring the client up to speed on applicable rules, calculations, and other relevant law related to their case, as well as provide clients a detailed analysis of their case, what positions may be advantageous to the client, and what potential pitfalls to avoid.