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Denver Post-Decree Modification Attorneys

As life goes on and circumstances change after divorce, ex-spouses may need to change certain terms of their divorce decree to fit their new and evolving needs. These changes are referred to as post-decree modifications, and they must be pursued via the family court.

Denver Post-Decree Modification Attorneys

Denver Post-Decree Modification Attorneys

At Uptown Law, LLC, our Denver family law attorneys are incredibly skilled at assisting clients with all types of post-decree modifications. Whether you need to request or object to a modification, you can count on our lawyers for the highest quality representation and client-centered service as we position your case for optimal outcomes.

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What Parts of a Divorce Decree Can Be Modified?

Post-decree modifications typically pertain to:

  • Spousal maintenance orders – If the divorce decree declares that spousal support is non-modifiable, there may be limited (to no) circumstances for changing the associated alimony orders.
  • Child custody arrangements – This can include parenting time arrangements and/or court orders regarding the legal decision-making responsibilities for a child.
  • Child support orders – These modifications may be pursued with or outside of requests to modify child custody orders.

Generally, modifications to these terms of a divorce decree need to be justified by a significant change in the living and/or economic circumstances of the requesting party. Some examples of valid grounds for modification requests include one party:

  • Losing a job
  • Experiencing a substantial increase in income or boost in economic circumstances
  • Developing a new, serious health condition or disability
  • Remarrying and/or having another child.

How Do I Pursue a Post-Decree Modification?

The process for seeking a modification will depend on the specific type of change being requested, and each modification process can come with its own unique forms, rules, restrictions and requirements. Colorado court forms for different types of modification requests are available via the links below:

While the process for pursuing different types of post-decree modifications can vary, once the request has been submitted to the court (along with the required court filing fees and any necessary supporting documentation), the court will make a determination within 49 days of the modification filing. This ruling will determine whether:

  • A review hearing needs to be scheduled.
  • The motion can be granted without a hearing.
  • The motion will be denied without a hearing.

How Can I Object to a Post-Decree Modification Request?

If an ex-spouse or the other parent of a child has requested a modification that you disagree with, you will have the opportunity to file a response to the original request, explaining your objections and how you would like the matter to be resolved. You will then need to submit your response to the court, with the required $116 filing fee.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer to Help Me with a Post-Decree Modification?

Yes. If you are serious about the strength and success of your post-decree modification request (or objection case), partnering with a skilled attorney – like a Denver family lawyer at Uptown Law, LLC – is your best move. That’s because our lawyers can help you:

  • Complete and file all necessary court forms to initiate and advance your case
  • Avoid any mistakes that could sabotage your interests and objectives
  • Take care of everything necessary to set your case up for a favorable and efficient outcome.

Given that some of the most important elements of your life (like your time with your child and/or your finances) can be impacted by modification cases, working with a lawyer can be the key to protecting what matters most and setting your case up for the best possible resolutions.

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When it’s time to resolve any post-decree modification matter, contact a trusted Denver family lawyer at Uptown Law, LLC for outstanding representation and personal service.

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