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Strategic & Trusted Denver Family Lawyers

Strategic & Trusted Denver Family Lawyers

Strategic & Trusted Denver Family Lawyers

The Denver attorneys at Uptown Law, LLC are devoted to representing and guiding clients through the difficulties and complexities of family legal issues. Whether you are involved in a divorce case, a custody dispute or any other family legal matter, you can trust our lawyers to provide you with:

  • Crucial insights regarding your case, options and what to do next
  • Creative solutions and excellent representation at every point in your case
  • Diligent, strategic advocacy in the pursuit of optimal resolutions.

Uptown Law, LLC offers different levels of legal service that can be tailored to your situation, needs and budget. While we provide modest means and limited representation to those who need legal support for certain aspects of their case, we also offer full-service representation to those requiring comprehensive legal support (including in court).

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The lawyers at Uptown Law, LLC can empower you with the information and representation you need to position your case for a successful resolution so you can smoothly transition into the next chapter of your life. We urge you to contact us whenever you need family legal assistance.


When a spouse is ready to step away from a marriage, the legal process that follows will depend on factors like (but not restricted to) whether:

  • There is any possibility of reconciliation – If so, pursuing a legal separation can be an interim step before or instead of divorce. If not, filing for divorce on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences” will be the best option. To be eligible to file for divorce in Colorado, at least one spouse has to have lived in the state for a minimum of 90 days.
  • A valid premarital (prenuptial) agreement exists – A prenup can dictate how certain issues of the divorce should be resolved. Specifically, prenups can designate certain assets as separate property, specify how marital property will be divided and set forth terms regarding spousal maintenance payments. Of course, however, not all prenups are valid, and proving (or disputing) the legitimacy of these agreements can be important in some divorce cases.
  • The spouses agree or disagree on the issues of their divorce – When divorcing partners agree on the issues in their divorce case, their uncontested divorce can be resolved relatively quickly (and as soon as 91 days after the initial divorce petition was filed). When disagreements on the divorce issues arise, however, the contested case may need to go to mediation and/or court to be resolved.

The lawyers at Uptown Law, LLC are skilled at handling all types of dissolution and divorce cases, from straightforward uncontested divorce to highly complex, contentious cases.

Child Custody

Child custody issues can pit parents against each other in heated disputes over paternity, how they will share physical time with the child and/or the legal authority to make decisions for that child. While mediation and family court may be necessary to resolve these disputes and establish parenting plans, disputes can, of course, arise after custody orders have been finalized by the court.

These disputes can pertain to anything from relocations and visitation changes to modification of custody orders.

Uptown Law, LLC offers unbundled and full-service representation for all types of custody matters, from establishing, enforcing and modifying child custody and child support orders to asserting grandparents’ rights.

Post-Decree Modifications

A final divorce decree will detail how all issues of the divorce are to be handled. There can, however, be a need to change or modify that decree as life circumstances evolve in the months or years following the divorce. These changes, known as post -decree modifications, can pertain to anything from spousal maintenance to parenting time, legal decision-making authority for a child and child support payments.

Whether you need to request or object to a post-decree modification, you can turn to Uptown Law, LLC for strategic representation and essential legal support.

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