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Denver Legal Separation Attorneys

Denver Legal Separation Attorneys

Denver Legal Separation Attorneys

Legal separation can be an alternative or stepping stone to divorce. Whether a legal separation or divorce is the best option for you will depend on your circumstances, needs and objectives. A trusted Denver divorce & family lawyer at Uptown Law, LLC is ready to discuss your situation and explain which option is best for you.

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The attorneys at Uptown Law, LLC can clarify your legal options and help you take the right steps to smoothly transition into a new chapter of your life. While we are ready to address your needs whenever you are ready for answers regarding legal separation or divorce in Colorado, we also encourage you to read the following for some generally helpful information about legal separation in Colorado.

What’s the Difference between Divorce & Legal Separation?

Despite the similarities between divorce and legal separation, there are some distinct differences, namely that:

  • Divorce will legally separate a couple’s finances while officially dissolving the marriage. At the end of the process, the divorced parties can legally remarry at any point in the future (if they want).
  • Legal separation can sever financial ties between a couple. This process will not, however, officially end the marriage, meaning that neither party can legally remarry unless the legal separation is converted into a divorce.

What Are the Benefits of Legal Separation?

Legal separation can be beneficial if or when couples:

  • Want to test out a separation before officially moving forward with divorce
  • Need a break from the relationship and some time to see if reconciliation is possible
  • Have religious beliefs or moral convictions that prohibit divorce
  • Want to retain certain types of insurance coverage, medical benefits, employment benefits and/or military benefits available via the other spouse
  • Want to continue to file taxes jointly.

How Does a Legal Separation Proceed in Colorado? What Is the Process Associated with Legal Separation?

In Colorado, the legal separation process typically mirrors the divorce process, as both:

  • Address matters like the division of property, alimony, custody issues and child support payments
  • Can involve out-of-court settlements (like those achieved via mediation) or courtroom battles (when couples may disagree about certain issues in their case).

To initiate a legal separation case, specific court forms must be properly completed and filed with the court (along with the necessary filing fees). Here are the court forms for pursuing a legal separation with children versus a legal separation without children.

How Long Does a Legal Separation Last in Colorado?

Once a Colorado couple is legally separated, their legal separation will last until either party passes away or files a petition with the court to:

  • Dismiss or reverse the legal separation, in which case the parties would be legally married again
  • Convert the legal separation into a divorce, thereby officially dissolving the marriage.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me Pursue a Legal Separation?

Yes. If you want to be confident that your interests are fully protect as you legally separate from your spouse, partnering with a skilled divorce lawyer can be your best move. Given that legal separations impact the same issues as divorce cases, having an attorney on your side, throughout the entire process, can be pivotal to making the right decisions and avoiding mistakes that could have lasting consequences.

In particular, a legal separation lawyer can help you with matters like (but not limited to):

  • Properly completing and submitting the necessary paperwork to initiate the case
  • Representing you and negotiating on your behalf in disputes that may arise over the marital property and/or child(ren)
  • Helping you take the right steps towards reaching your goals and achieving favorable, efficient resolutions.

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