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Denver Paternity & Visitation Attorneys

Denver Paternity & Visitation Attorneys

Denver Paternity & Visitation Attorneys

Paternity cases can be critical to establishing a father’s rights and responsibilities when it comes to his children. While a husband is assumed to be the father of a child that his wife has, paternity will need to be established when an unmarried woman births a child.

At Uptown Law, LLC, our Denver child custody lawyers are highly skilled at representing mothers and fathers in paternity cases. We can help you advocate your rights, protect your interests and successfully navigate any type of paternity and visitation case.

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How Is Paternity Established in Colorado?

The two ways to establish paternity in Colorado include via:

  1. Voluntary Acknowledgement – When both parents agree on who a child’s father is, they can sign a “Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity” (VAP) form and submit it to the court (with the $227 filing fee). Upon signing this form, the father’s name will be added to the birth certificate. Sixty days after the VAP form has been signed, paternity will be official, and court action will be required if there’s a need to disclaim paternity in the future.
  2. Court Order – When there are disagreements regarding paternity, court action is necessary to officially establish paternity. This action can be initiated by the mother, the potential father, the child, a legal representative for the mother/father/child and/or officials from social services.

What Happens in a Paternity Court Case?

A paternity court case should be filed in the family court located in the county where the child or the potential father lives. While a child can initiate a paternity case at any point up to the age of 21, other parties must do so before the child turns 18 (and after the child has been born).

Once a paternity court case has been filed, a potential father can admit paternity, or genetic testing can be requested. If genetic testing is necessary and the test results prove paternity, additional paperwork can be filed with the court to pursue matters like child custody and child support.

Here are the Colorado court forms for initiating a case to establish paternity or disclaim paternity.

What Are the Benefits of Establishing Paternity?

Establishing paternity can be beneficial to all parties involved in a case. Specifically, with paternity established, the:

  • Mother can share responsibility for raising the child with the father and seek child support.
  • Father can petition the court to establish child custody and visitation orders, assuring he has parenting time with his child, as well as some legal decision-making authority for that child.
  • Child can enjoy a relationship with both parents while having access to important information (like a father’s medical history) and essential support (both emotional and financial).

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Paternity Case?

Yes. If you are serious about resolving paternity and related visitation cases as favorably and efficiently as possible, partnering with an attorney can be your best move. That’s because a lawyer can:

  • Properly complete and file all court forms necessary to initiate and advance a paternity and visitation case
  • Oversee and meet all case-related deadlines, helping you avoid any oversights that could delay or sabotage the case
  • Address your concerns and advise you of your best options at each phase of your case
  • Safeguard your rights and interests while helping you bring your case to the best resolution possible.

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