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Denver Parenting Plan Lawyers

Denver Parenting Plan Lawyers

Denver Parenting Plan Lawyers

A parenting plan is a written document detailing how the parents of a child will share physical time with a child (i.e., parenting time) and legal decision-making responsibilities for that child (i.e., the authority to make decisions about a child’s healthcare, education, upbringing, etc.).

Parents who agree on how to share these key elements of custody can devise their own parenting plans, submitting them to the court for review and approval. When parents disagree about any aspects of custody, however, they may resolve the dispute(s) in mediation or court.

At Uptown Law, LLC, our Denver child custody attorneys are highly skilled at representing parents in all types of custody matters. We know how to protect what matters most to our clients, and we are incredibly effective at helping our clients:

  • Establish parenting plans that fit their needs while promoting their children’s best interests
  • Achieve optimal outcomes to child custody disputes.

Whether you need help devising, enforcing or modifying a parenting plan, you can count on our lawyers for superior legal service and excellent representation at every point in your case.

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What Details Should a Parenting Plan Include or Cover?

Parenting plans can be as simple or as complex as needed, depending on the relationship between the parents, as well as each party’s needs and objectives. In general, however, parenting plans should cover matters like (but not restricted to):1

  • How parenting time is allocated between parents – This should specify how many (and which) days per week (or month) each parent will have with the child. It should also cover which parent will have the child for birthdays, holidays, summer vacations, etc.
  • Transportation responsibilities – This can detail who transports the child to various activities, to the other parent, etc.
  • Care for a child’s special needs – This aspect of parenting plans should explain how a child’s special needs (physical, cognitive or emotional) will be cared for by each parent, how medical decisions regarding the child will be made, etc.

This Colorado court parenting plan template shows more details about how these plans are set up and the specific information that they must include. An attorney at Uptown Law, LLC can help you devise a parenting plan that covers everything necessary to support your child’s best interests while minimizing the possibility of future custody disputes.

Do I Really Need a Written Parenting Plan If I Get Along with the Other Parent?

Yes. Just because parents may agree custody matters and get along now does not preclude future disagreements. If you have a well-written, detailed parenting plan, you and the other parent will have helpful guidelines for addressing and resolving any disputes (including disputes that could end up in court).

Here, it’s important to share that, according to the latest research,1 most parenting plans and custody disputes arise over issues related to:

  • Ambiguous terms of parenting plans
  • Failures to co-parent
  • Drop-offs and pick-ups of a child
  • Miscommunications (or no communication) between parents.

This underscores how critical a properly devised parenting plan can be to preventing future custody disputes and setting the stage for successful, loving co-parenting of a child.

How Are Parenting Plan & Custody Disputes Resolved?

When disagreements arise during the development of parenting plans, mediation can be the first step in trying to work out a resolution. Mediating these types of custody disputes can be an effective way to achieve faster, private and mutually beneficial resolutions.

When mediation does not resolve parenting plan disputes, the court will make the final determination, focusing on what serves the child’s best interests. These forms are necessary for bringing parenting plan disputes before a Colorado family court.

Best interest factors that the court considers include (and are not restricted to):

  • The wishes of each parent and the child
  • The physical distance between each parent’s residence
  • Each parent’s physical and mental health, as well as each parent’s willingness to foster a loving relationship between the child and the other parent.

In the event that parenting plan disputes arise after the plan has been approved by the court, parents will need to return to court to resolve the conflict.

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1: According to information from the Colorado Foundation for Families & Children