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Tireless & Strategic Denver Child Custody Lawyers

Tireless & Strategic Denver Child Custody Lawyers

Tireless & Strategic Denver Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody issues can give rise to heated, intensely bitter disputes, pitting parents against each other in a fight for parenting time and legal decision-making authority for children. Regardless of whether custody issues arise outside of or during a divorce case, partnering with a Denver family lawyer at Uptown Law, LLC can be your best move for:

  • Safeguarding your rights and interests
  • Preventing mistakes that could set your case back or result in unfavorable outcomes
  • Working towards your objectives and achieving optimal resolutions.

Uptown Law, LLC provides unbundled and full-service representation for all types of child custody and child support matters, including securing, enforcing and modifying custody and support orders.

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The Denver child custody attorneys at Uptown Law, LLC are ready to listen, answer your questions and advise you on how to navigate the process that lies ahead. We are also ready to help you take the right steps towards favorable outcomes so you can smoothly transition into the next chapter of your life.

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans detail the terms of child custody agreements, explaining how parenting time and legal decision-making authority for the involved children will be shared by parents. While parents can devise these on their own when they’re in agreement about the terms of custody, the family court will establish parenting plans when parents disagree about any custody matters.

The Denver child custody lawyers at Uptown Law, LLC are highly effective at helping clients establish, enforce and modify parenting plans and custody orders, empowering our clients to protect what matters most – the best interests of their children, as well as their time and relationship with them.


Relocation requests can disrupt established custody orders, sending parents back to court. Whenever one parents is planning on moving (far enough away that there are barriers to fulfilling the current custody orders), (s)he must notify the other parent in writing, explain where and why the move is planned and how parenting time should be modified accordingly.

Of course, the other parent has the right to object, explaining why (s)he disagrees with the relocation plans, and propose his or her own plans regarding parenting time.

These disputes are sorted out by the family court, which will focus on making decisions that promote the child’s best interests.

Given the complexity of relocation cases – all that can hang in the balance with them, it’s essential to partner with a skilled custody attorney at Uptown Law, LLC who can represent you and fight for your interests while guiding you towards a favorable resolution.

Paternity & Visitation

Establishing paternity is essential to protecting parents’ rights and determining their responsibilities when it comes to a child. In fact, paternity cases can be a first step in the process of pursuing child custody and/or child support orders when there are questions or disputes regarding who a child’s father is. Whenever paternity disputes arise, having a lawyer at Uptown Law, LLC in your corner can be the key to protecting your rights and resolving the case as favorably and efficiently as possible.

Grandparents’ Rights

While custody and visitation issues usually center on how parenting time with a child will be shared between parents, these matters can also involve grandparents’ rights to – and requests for – visitation. According to Colorado law, grandparents have the right to seek visitation if or when:

  • A child’s parents are pursuing an annulment, a legal separation or a divorce.
  • Someone other than a child’s biological or adoptive parents has been granted custody.
  • A biological parent of the child, who is also the child of the grandparent, has died.

The attorneys at Uptown Law, LLC are effective at advocating grandparents’ rights in any type of visitation case. If you are a grandparent who wants visitation with your grandchild, we can help you assert and protect your rights while working tirelessly to help you achieve your objectives.

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At Uptown Law, LLC, our lawyers are devoted to providing clients with extraordinary advocacy as we help them navigate the complexities and challenges of custody cases and the family court system. Experienced at representing mothers, fathers and others in various types of custody cases, we are ready to help you identify and pursue the best strategies for protecting your rights and setting your case up for the best resolution possible.