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About Uptown Law, LLC

Rising Star Award Granted to Denver Family Law Attorney Pete SimonUptown Law, LLC is home to passionate, creative attorneys who take a cooperative, innovative approach to resolving our clients’ family legal issues. Strategic, dedicated and highly effective, we are focused on providing:

  • Compassionate, caring advocacy
  • Flexible legal services that can be tailored to fit your specific situation, needs, budget and goals
  • The highest quality representation and optimal outcomes, regardless of whether your case requires mediation, litigation and/or other proceedings.

At Uptown Law, LLC, our strong family values drive us to work tirelessly to help our clients safeguard their rights and protect what matters most to them.

Whether you are facing a divorce, a custody case or another family legal issue, you can count on Uptown Law, LLC for exceptional advocacy, client-centered service and optimal outcomes. We are ready to help you take the right steps to position your case for success so you can smoothly transition into a new chapter in life.

About Our Founder, Denver Family Law Attorney Pete Simon

Denver Family Law Attorney Pete SimonRaised a Buckeye in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Pete Simon graduated from the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University in 2009 and from the Florida Coastal School of Law in 2013.  In May 2013, Pete moved to Denver with his two pug mixes, Bodie and Hank.

After being admitted to the Colorado Bar, Pete decided to open his own law office, Uptown Law, LLC.  Since then, Pete has been a committed, passionate advocate for those dealing with various types of family legal matters.

With strong family values and a relentless dedicated to his clients, Pete is highly skilled at devising innovative, effective solutions that protect his clients’ interests while helping them achieve their goals.

As a person of unwavering conviction, Pete always cheers for the underdog and makes no qualms about taking the less-popular stance on issues in which he believes.

When Pete opened Uptown Law, LLC, his goal was to help as many clients as possible, regardless of how much they could afford to pay for legal services. This led him to implement a collaborative, modest means limited representation approach, making family law representation affordable to more of those in need.